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Membership application process

To become an active member at the Otter Valley Rod and Gun club you will need to purchase a membership from our membership chairman, Jeff Wilson. Jeff works at Tillsonburg Gun (formally Gobles Firearms) in Tillsonburg (107A Concession St. East) He will provide you with a receipt and a copy of the club rules. As a new member you must attend a mandatory Orientation Session before you are given access to the club. This orientation session will be done with one of the executive members, usually the chairperson of the segment in which you are most interested. You may contact one of the executive members for your orientation session at a convenient time for both of you or you can attend an executive meeting (2nd Wed. of the month at 7:30 pm). At that time, a director will provide a tour of the club facilities and property, as well as review the rules with you.

Once this orientation session is complete the director will sign the application receipt given to you by Jeff. You will then need to return to Tillsonburg Gun and Jeff will provide you with a membership card and the codes you will need.

We have an excellent facility that can only be run successfully through the efforts of ALL our members. At the present time we have no mandatory volunteer hours that must be performed but have always relied on the goodwill of everyone to help out as needed. This seems to be getting more difficult. We strongly encourage everyone to come out and help when WORK DAYS are scheduled. You will be notified of these through our regular newsletters.

Membership fees

Membership fees are based on 2 main types of memberships which are classified as below:

  1. Outdoor Membership ($200) - this gives the entry code to our main gate and allows you access to all our outdoor facilities during normal hours of operation(9am to sunset) but does not give you access to the clubhouse.
  2. Indoor/Outdoor Membership($300) - this gives the entry code to our main gate and allows you access to all our outdoor facilities during normal hours(9am to sunset) and also gives you swipe card access to our clubhouse and its indoor range for 24/7 access.
  3. All membership fees are due by November 1st of the renewal year. First come, first to get membership. If you plan to not renew your membership please contact someone on the executive so that a new member may be allowed to join the club.

There is a one time $100 initiation fee for all first time members. Membership dues are pro-rated if you join part way through the year. This should be discussed with our membership chairman(Jeff Wilson). The initiation fee is not pro-rated.

A family membership is based on option 1 or 2 plus an extra $15 per direct family member(spouse and children under the age of 18). This covers the cost of insurance for each family member. Your spouse is not exempt from the initiation fee but all junior members(children under the age of 18) are exempt. Junior members are exempt if they continue on to a regular membership.

Extra fees vary according to section. Please refer to range fee information under the heading for that section.

All new members must attend at least one executive meeting, and meet with the chair of their shooting discipline to receive instructions in club rules, the club rules will also be given to new member when they do their orientation of the club. All new members must complete a 30day probation period. Once you have received your club rules and completed the probation period, full membership privileges and membership cards will be issued.

We are not mailing out memberships unless members cannot make into the Club on renewal dates or able to go into Tillsonburg Gun, for renewal. Then the member must contact a John Peazel or Andrew Demaray so that they can mail out an Application and your cheque . Must send back all 3 copies of the application, after Otter valley has received it a new membership card will be mailed to you.


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