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Authorizations to Transport

Henry just received a package containing 104 Authorizations to Transport from the CFO's office. People may pick them up on Tuesday evenings at the club, and or at Henry’s address at 8 Highland Drive, but please call to make sure Henry is home. (519-842-2118) Call Henry before 5:30 pm or after 7 pm please.

Indoor range open Thursday evenings

Thursday evening is an additional evening for hand gunners who use the indoor range.

Summer Inner Club

The Summer Inner Club Starts April 2nd at Otter Valley and the last Wed at Versolye Bill will be doing up the schedule for everyone to know Dates. The Summer Inner Club runs till Aug.

Recent range inspection

As noted in the September newsletter the CFO conducted a complete range inspection in October. The majority of the inspection went well, the exception being the indoor range portion.

This range did in fact fail and was shut down due to the multiple instances of overhead baffle bullet strikes and obvious disregard for club rules – not exactly the impression we needed to make.

Thanks to some quick thinking by Francois and more than a little apologizing, the inspector agreed to let OVR&G deal with the issue – repairs to be made & pictures sent to the inspector as documentation, and a plan to be put in place by OVR&G to prevent any re-occurrence.

The end result is the range remains open and approved - but the range entry door is now locked and a key required for entrance. Any indoor members in good standing can approach either the handgun chairman (Henry Atkinson), or the club president (Francois Deschenes), be placed on the list of members with a key, and obtain a key for the indoor range.

Any information as to the source of the damage would be appreciated.

Many shooters are still not signing in. It is a CFO approval requirement that all shooters sign in. Trap or Sporting Clays cards when signed are acceptable – all others need to sign the outdoor book in the cowboy action pavilion or the indoor range book. Your guests must also sign, placing “guest” after their name. – Remember if guests don’t have insurance from another source it can be provided through the NFA & our club by collecting the $3.00 per event fee.

Eye and ear protection

To all shooters: it is mandatory that all shooters and spectators wear ear and eye protection at all times when shooting is in progress. This is for all shooting events!

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